Setup MetaMask
Wallet on the PC

step 1/26
Enter in your web browser ( Chrome, Brave, etc )
Already have a wallet?
step 2/26
Click the blue "Download Now" button
step 3/26
Here you have 3 options "Chrome" "iOS" "Android" click Chrome
step 4/26
Click Install MetaMask for Chrome
step 5/26
In the top right corner click Add to Chrome
step 6/26
Click add Extension
step 7/26
"Welcome to MetaMask" will appear, click get started
step 8/26
Click Create Wallet
step 9/26
"Help us improve MetaMask" will appear click, No thanks or I agree
step 10/26
Now you will need to create a password and accept the terms of use
step 11/26
Click Create
step 12/26
Now you will watch a video on how to secure your wallet in this step. Click Next
step 13/26
Secret recovery Phrase window will pop up, "Click here to reveal secret words"
step 14/26
Write down the entire secret word phrase on a piece of paper.
step 15/26
Click Next
step 16/26
Here you will enter the secret word phrase in the correct order, this will secure your wallet's backup
step 17/26
Click confirm
step 18/26
Click all done
step 19/26
You have successfully created your MetaMask wallet
step 20/26
Now you must add the Binance Smart Chain network to your MetaMask
step 21/26
In a new web browser tab go to
step 22/26
The MetaMask box will pop up in the top right corner of your screen, scroll down and click "approve"
step 23/26
Click "Switch Network"
step 24/26
Now your wallet will appear in the "Connect with MetaMask" window and click Next
step 25/26
Now Click Connect
step 26/26
Now that your MetaMask Wallet is connected to SokuSwap, you can begin trading, farming, and staking