Setup MetaMask
on your Mobile

step 1/21
Go to the app store and download MetaMask
Already have a wallet?
step 2/21
On the Welcome to MetaMask page click "Get Started"
step 3/21
On the Wallet Setup page click "Create a new wallet"
step 4/21
"Help us improve MetaMask" will appear click, No thanks or I agree
step 5/21
Now you will need to create a password and accept the terms of use
step 6/21
Click "Create password"
step 7/21
Now you will watch a video on how to secure your wallet in this step. Click "Start"
step 8/21
Now you will Secure your wallet's recovery phrase click "Start"
step 9/21
Secret recovery Phrase window will pop up, click "Tap to reveal secret recovery phrase"
step 10/21
Now write down your Secret recovery phrase on a separate piece of paper
step 11/21
Click "Continue"
step 12/21
Enter the secret recovery phrase in the correct order
step 13/21
Click "Complete Backup"
step 14/21
On the congratulatory page click "Done"
step 15/21
In the top left corner click the hamburger menu and click "browser"
step 16/21
In the search bar type ""
step 17/21
Click the top result "SokuSwap"
step 18/21
Here you will connect your wallet to SokuSwap. Click "Approve"
step 19/21
New Network Added will appear and click "Switch Network"
step 20/21
Now click "Connect"
step 21/21
Now that your MetaMask Wallet is connected to SokuSwap, you can begin trading, farming, and staking